CPL Choice Cline

CPL Choice Cline
Name: CPL Choice
Gender: Male
Date of Death: 10/12/2012
Service Branch: Army Reserve
Number of deployments: 1

CPL Choice Cline was an outstanding soldier. I was an NCO of our company at the time, and CPL Choice was one of the few seasoned soldiers we had. The dedication to the Army was his number one priority. Unfortunately there was a situation where he had brought his personal firearm to a training event in his personal luggage. After another soldier reported him, he was arrested and discharged from the Army. One year to the date he took his own life. This was a complete lack of leadership and tragedy that should of never happened. We are trusted with weapons throughout our time in the service, but we are not allowed to carry our personal firearms? I’m sorry CPL Cline, may God rest your soul. – Sgt Rasmussen

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