Who We Are

Aaron RasmussenAaron Rasmussen

Aaron Rasmussen, one of the founders of 22 Wall Project, which operates under the local non-profit organization Sonora Vets Helping Vets. Having served in the Army Reserve and DOD Civil Service from 2000 to 2013, I was medically retired due to injuries sustained in Iraq. Prior to enlisting, I completed four years of AFJROTC. I have been actively involved with the Veterans of Foreign Wars since 2005 and offer support to various other veterans organizations. For more information about my background, please visit aaronrasmussen.org.

Sarah GuyerSarah Guyer

Sarah Guyer is a 22 Wall Project co-founder, enlisted in the Army in 2004 and was discharged in 2006, has dedicated her life to serving her fellow veterans. Hailing from Mi Wuk California and living in Virginia, she found solace and purpose through her involvement with Vets Helping Vets, an organization committed to supporting and advocating for veterans’ well-being. Not only does Sarah actively work with survivors of Military Sexual Trauma (MSP), but she also remains an engaged member of the American Legion, tirelessly championing the rights and welfare of her fellow servicemen and women. Sarah’s passion for helping her community is further evident in her role as a board member for Sonora Vets Helping Vets, where she tirelessly supports the mission of assisting veterans in need. Recognizing the critical importance of veteran mental health, Sarah is an esteemed member of the Association of Vietnam Veterans of America (AVVA) 391, dedicating herself to raising awareness about the challenges faced by veterans and advocating for better mental health resources and support systems. Her profound commitment to addressing veteran suicide and mental health has made a lasting impact, inspiring others to join the fight for a brighter future for all those who have served.